Are you early career researchers and professionals (ECRs) and interested in working on risks-related topics?

Risk KAN is happy to support you. Risk KAN offers a full range of topics in risks, from systemic risks, compound events, to modelling and insurance, etc. For more details about different topics within the Risk KAN, please have a look at our working groups:

Risk KAN consists of international programmes and professionals and is well connected to international organisations. To support early career researchers and professionals, Risk KAN collects opportunities available for ECRs interested in working in risks-related topics. If you are eligible for any possibilities, Risk KAN will be happy to support you in your application (for instance, in providing an endorsement letter).

Opportunities for early career researchers and professionals can be found at:

  1. PAGES:
  2. IRDR Young researcher programme:
  3. WCRP Fostering future leaders:
  4. NATURA Learning Exchange Program:


Further programmes and ECR networks which regularly announce opportunities for ECRs:

Our support to ECR is not limited to the calls listed above. You are very welcome to keep your eyes open for more opportunities and engage us in your application process.

How to?

  1. Come to us with a call you are eligible for.
  2. Please fill out this form to let us know which type of support you need. click here
  3. Please contact your respective WG lead as indicated in the automatic email you will receive
  4. Risk KAN WG lead will follow-up with you.

Note: This page only collects the available information of ECR opportunities in all forms. For support details and eligibility conditions, please go to the original links/organisations for information and consultation.

We welcome more announcements and calls on the ECR opportunities. If you have any information, we are happy to add you to our page. Please send your relevant calls to: