Working Groups are a core element of the Risk KAN

Working groups will be the active working platforms of the Risk KAN, which can span a wide range of topics that fall in the scope of the Risk KAN and contribute to the implementation of the objectives of the Risk KAN. Any Risk KAN member can propose a new working group at any time. The working group will be added after approval of the Risk KAN Steering Committee (SC). Working groups will undertake supporting and associated research, networking and other activity. Activity will be reported to the KAN SC and may help steer future KAN priorities.


Risk KAN welcomes contribution to and participation in further development of
KAN structure, Working Groups and others!

If you are interested in opening up a new Working Group, get in touch with us to find out more.


Risk KAN Working Groups

Learning from the Past (past4future)

Lara Mani, Arindam Chakraborty, Evaristus Iorkohol


Ecosystem -based approaches to DRR

Takehito Yoshida


Low elevated coastal zones and cities

Qian Ye


Metabolic Risk on Islands

Simron Singh


Systemic risks and global governance

Sirkku Juhola, Gordon McBean
Reinhard Mechler


Climate Risk Modeling and Management

Alessio Ciullo
Jana Sillmann