26 April 2021
Risk KAN Modeling and Insurance Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Thursday, May 6, at 11:00 AM CEST
David N. Bresch ETH Zürich/MeteoSwiss
The interoperability imperative in socio-economics impact assessments
Recording available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-bbGO1HSPQ
25 March 2021
Risk KAN Modeling and Insurance Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Thursday, April 15, at 15:00 PM CET
Juergen Scheffran, Hamburg University
Tipping points, cascading risks and conflicts in hot spots of climate-society interaction
Recording available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBEeC8XNVQg
16 March 2021
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Tuesday, April 6, at 14:00 UTC
Bruno Merz and Massimiliano Pittore, GFZ Potsdam
Multi-hazard impact forecasting, status and perspectives
Brian Golding, UK Met Office
Complex warnings: Making warnings work for multi-hazards and diverse impacts
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/HylryKzHMU8
10 March 2021
Risk KAN Modeling and Insurance Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Thursday, March 18, at 16:00 PM CET
Stéphane Hallegatte, World Bank Climate Change Group, Washington, USA
Assessing and financing the full costs of disasters – the role of infrastructure systems and supply chains
Recording available on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLMO-Ag1UcM
24 February 2021
Systemic Risk Workshop organized by UNDRR, ISC and Risk KAN
Date: March 2nd & 3rd 2021
More about the Briefing Note on Systemic Risk here: Agenda, Participants and Scoping paper
For informing this Briefing Note we invite you to send us relevant links and publications.
23 February 2021
Call for Papers:

Frontiers in Earth Sciences “Special Issue on Extreme Events in Human Evolution: From the Pliocene to the Anthropocene”

For further details please visit https://www.frontiersin.org/research-topics/18192/extreme-events-in-human-evolution-from-the-pliocene-to-the-anthropocene
Deadline for abstract submissions:
30 March 2021

Source(s): Frontiers in Earth Sciences, 2021

16 February 2021
PAGES working group on Volcanic Impacts on Climate and Society (VICS)
Welcome to the webinar
Friday, February 26, at 3pm CET
Gordon Woo, Univ. College London
Reimagining Volcanic History: Lessons from counterfactual analysis
Amy Donovan, Univ. of Cambridge
Imagining volcanoes: towards a holistic understanding of risk
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/WaWuY_oER1E
16 February 2021
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 8th webinar
Thursday, February 25, at 15:00 UTC
Deepti Singh, Washington State Univ.
Influence of climate variability and change on spatially concurrent droughts
Jordan Christian, Univ. Oklahoma
Flash drought climatology: A local to global analysis
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/luR-SOwDS-Q
03 February 2021
Risk KAN Modelling and Insurance Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Thursday, February 18, at 16:00 PM CET
Robert Muir-Wood, Risk Management Solutions (RMS), Newark, CA, USA
Risk Auditing: how can we measure progress in disaster reduction?
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/qQffPRBdOb4
16 November 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 7th webinar
Tuesday, November 24, at 20:00 UTC
Noah Diffenbaugh, Stanford Univ.
Multidimensional risk in a nonstationary climate
Lauren Rickards, RMIT Univ.
Unpacking ‘the social dimensions’ of compound and cascading climate change impacts
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/LUfbQR5AOMM
11 November 2020
Risk KAN Modelling and Insurance Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Friday November 20 at 11:00 AM CET
Ilan Noy, Victoria Univ. of Wellington, New Zealand
A dismal perspective on a boring topic: an economist looks at insurance
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/WRxqlZXJsXY
27 October 2020
Risk KAN related sessions at EGU
For more information about related sessions find here
Call for abstracts to open
on November 3

Deadline for abstract submissions:
Wednesday 20 Jan 2021 at 13:00 CET
Source: EGU General Assembly 2020
23 October 2020
Risk KAN Critical infrastructures Working Group
Welcome to the webinar
Monday November 9 at 14:00 UTC
Patricia Romero Lankao,NREL and Univ. of Chicago
Soft and hard infrastructure
Alexander Fekete, TH Koeln – Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany
Critical infrastructure cascading effects
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/ir6XJH6CKG4
12 Oktober 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 6th webinar
Thursday October 15 at 15:00 UTC
Danielle Touma, UC Santa Barbara
Competing anthropogenic effects cause distinct regional impacts on extreme fire weather conditions
Emanuele Bevacqua, U. Reading
More meteorological events that drive compound coastal flooding are projected under climate change at most locations worldwide
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/ICRmoSaWC6M
24 September 2020
Public On-Line Forum/Panel Discussion
Coping with Extreme Weather
Marking the 2nd anniversary of the Ottawa/Gatineau Tornadoes

8 October 2020, noon to 2PM EDT
more information find here
Click here to register (free)

24 September 2020
HIWeather 2020 Workshops
free online seminars on the latest HIWeather research
more information for workshops and registration you will find here
Time: October 26 until December 3
Registration will close on September 30
22 September 2020
Rebuilding from COVID-19 to Achieve Global Agenda 2030 (IRDR) Online Master Forum with Dr. Gordon McBean
more information find here
Tuesday, 29 September at 10:00 am Taipei time (UCT+8)
Registration: https://reurl.cc/r8Rl5E
17 August 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 5th webinar
Tuesday August 25 at 14:00 UTC
Vimal Mishra, IIT Gandhinagar
Hot and dry extremes during the South Asian Summer Monsoon
Daniela Domeisen, ETH Zurich
Remote forcing of extreme events
Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/n9EXNjGWfnk
13 August 2020

New Hazard Definition & Classification Review: Technical Review

Link for report download find here
Further information are:
Presentation: Download
Virtual Meeting: Launch of a new scientific report on hazards definition Recording available on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7Wvmzn84Jk

10 August 2020
Workshop on Compound Weather and Climate Events
organized by Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research (OCCR), supported by WCRPs Grand Challenge on Weather and Climate Extremes and the Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
More information find here
Abstract submission:
13 July 2020 – 1 September 2020
22 July 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 4th webinar

Wednesday Jul 29, 2020 14:00 UTC

Miguel Mahecha, Leipzig University
Understanding the imprint of compound events on the terrestrial ecosystems

Julio Herrera Estrada, Descarte Labs
Spatially compounded droughts at continental scales

Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/kZjpHnZRVn0

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18 June 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 3rd webinar

Tuesday Jun 30, 2020 14:00 UTC

Michael Puma, Columbia Univ, NASA GISS
Assessing COVID-19 impacts on global food systems

Michela De Dominicis, UK National Oceanography Centre
Future interactions between sea-level rise, tides and storm surges in the world’s largest urban area

Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/rrFu8ylsvsU

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04 June 2020
Risk KAN Learning from the Past (past4future) Working Group
Welcome to the first webinar

Thursday June 18 01:00-02:00 PM UTC

Blas L. Valero Garcés, Instituto Pirenaico de Ecología-CSIC, Spain
Can we risk to forget the past?: Past Global Changes (PAGES) initiatives for understanding risks

Sam White, Dept. of History, Ohio State University, USA
Learning from Histories: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges

Zoom link find here
(Meeting ID: 695 1539 7267)

more information find here
03 June 2020
Risk KAN Learning from the Past (past4future) Working Group
Welcome to the second webinar

Wednesday June 24 7:00-8:00 AM UTC

Luke Kemp, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, Univ.Cambridge
Climate Endgame: Understanding Worst-Case Warming

Zoom link find here
(Meeting ID: 611 9798 5279)

more information find here
01 June 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome for two special webinars

Session I: Wed. June 3, 06:00 AM UTC
with talks by Robiul Islam, Univ. of Tokyo, Poulomi Ganguli, Ind. Inst. of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur and GFZ Potsdam and Samuel Sutanto, Wageningen Univ.
Session II: Thur. June 4, 02:00 PM UTC
with talks by Aloïs Tilloy, King’s College London, Freya Garry, UK Met Office and Mohammad Reza Najafi, Western Univ.

Session II recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/PTAVooeiLto

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24 April 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the 2nd webinar

Wednesday May 20 at 2pm UTC

with talks by Lisa Thalheimer, University of Oxford, and Gabriele Messori, Uppsala University

Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/ys_sx0_mJ2g

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16 April 2020
Risk KAN Compound Events Working Group
Welcome to the first Risk KAN: Compound Events webinar

Thursday April 16 at 14:00 UTC

Recording available on YouTube https://youtu.be/_fSnE9RM97c

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18 February 2020
Report “Our Future on Earth 2020” summarizes current results on the situation of our planet and presents connections and dependencies
Source: published by Future Earth, February 2020
14 January 2020
Build Back Better: What Is It, and What Should It Be? by Ilan Noy, Benno Ferrarini, and Donghyun Park for document download click here
Source: ADB Economics Working Paper Series No. 600 December 2019
17 December 2019
EGU session ITS3.2/NH10.7 Climate extremes, biosphere and society: impacts, cascades, feedbacks, and resilience. For more information click here
Cancellation of the physical EGU General Assembly 2020 in Vienna, Austria
Source: EGU General Assembly 2020
18 November 2019
Town Hall Session TH53A – Future Earth Knowledge-Action-Network on Extreme Events and Emergent Risks: Risk-KAN on Friday, 13 December 2019. For more information click here
Source: American Geophysical Union
23 October 2019
WCRP Extremes and Risks Summer School, Nanjing, China, 21 October – 1 November 2019. For more information click here
Image source: Oppenheimer, M., M. et.al. 2014. Emergent risks and key vulnerabilities. In Climate change 2014: Impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability. Part A: Global and sectoral aspects. Contribution of working group II to the fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 1039–1099. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. Fig. 19.1.
10 September 2019
Call for Papers: Special Issue on “Compound Weather and Climate Events” in Weather and Climate Extremes for more information click here


Source(s): Weather and Climate Extremes. Elsevier, 2019

30 August 2019
for more information click here


Source(s): Sillmann, J.; Sippel, S.; Russo, S. 2019 Climate Extremes and Their Implications for Impact and Risk Assessment. 1.ed. Elsevier, 360pp. (Published Date: 1st November 2019)

13 August 2019
unprecedented wildfires in the Arctic monitored by Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), more information here


Source: Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS), 2019

01 August 2019
for more information click here


Source(s): Ciurean, R.; Gill, J.; Reeves, H.J.; O’Grady, S.; Aldridge, T.. 2018 Review of multi-hazards research and risk assessments. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 109pp. (OR/18/057)

01 August 2019
For the second time in one month, a widespread and intense heatwave impacted Europe more information here


Source(s): image “Extreme heatwave” contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2019), processed by ESA, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO , ©news: 2019 World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

2 May 2019
Herrenhausen Conference “Extreme Events: Building Climate Resilient Societies” will take place in Hanover, Germany, on October 9-11, 2019. The overall objective of the conference is to elucidate the relations between climate extremes, societal resilience, and sustainable development goals.


more information

16 May 2019
GAR report 2019 New Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction published by United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, download


Source(s): UNDRR 2019

2 May 2019
Disasters 2018: Year in review In 2018 over 68 million people were affected by climate-related and geophysical disaster events across the world.
Cred crunch, Issue no. 54, April 2019


Source(s): CRED ; USAID and UCL

2 May 2019
WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate in 2018 highlights an increasing number of natural disasters and dangers linked to climate change, download.


Source: World Meteorological Organization, 2019

2 May 2019

The WCRP summer school on extremes and risk management

The WCRP summer school on extremes and risk management is now open for applications. Please find further information at https://www.wcrp-climate.org/news/wcrp-news/1448-extremes-risk-summer-school-news

(co-organized/co-sponsored with NUIST, IRDR, START, IPCC and many other partners)

This activity seeks only senior PhD students (who will graduate in less than two years) and early career scientists (normally in an early stage of career) in a relevant field.
2 May 2019

Climate Anomalies and Events 2018

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information, State of the Climate: Selected Significant Climate Anomalies and Events 2018.
This map was compiled from NOAA’s NCEI State of the Climate Reports and WMO Provisional Status of the Climate in 2018. More infromation see https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/sotc/
2 May 2019

World disasters report 2018

2018 World Disasters Report by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Published online October 2018, retrieved from https://media.ifrc.org/ifrc/world-disaster-report-2018/