Working Group on Compound Events and Impacts

Our objective is to facilitate the development of an international, transdisciplinary network of researchers interested in compound events and their impacts. Our activities include webinars, social gatherings, and newsletters, in collaboration with other Risk KAN WGs and with the initiative. Please join our mailing list, or attend an upcoming virtual or in-person event!


News and Upcoming Events

If you know of an upcoming event, newly published paper, or notable recent example of a compound event, please use this form to submit it for inclusion here. These news items may be your own, or those you come across which have previously not been featured.

Next Webinar

Apr 18, 14:00 UTC          Virginia Murray (Public Health England)          (topic) Compound Health Impacts


Conferences & Workshops
EGU General AssemblyApr 23-28Vienna
Compound/Multi-Risk DinnerContent sessions of particular interest:Compound weather and climate events
Multi-hazards: Innovative approaches to risk assessments, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation
CLaSH Modeling ExpoMay 1-2OnlineLink
Climate crisis and systemic risks: Lessons learned from COVID-19Jun 21-23Hanover, Germany
Cross-border climate change impacts and systemic risks in Europe and beyondOct 16-18Potsdam, Germany


Past Webinars

YouTube Channel with all recordings:

2023/04/18Virginia Murray”UNDRR-ISC Hazard Information Profiles and their use in documenting hazards”
2023/03/01Efi Rousi"European summer extremes and links to atmospheric circulation in a changing climate"
2022/11/03Kelly Hereid"Climate risk and adaptation in the built environment"
Katharine Mach"Advancing complex systems approaches toward equity, actionable knowledge, and principles for governance"
2022/10/19Ilona Otto & Cornelia Auer"Cascading climate change impacts and social tipping dynamics: examples from the CASCADES Project"
2022/09/13Philip Ward"MYRIAD-EU: A pilot project for multi-hazard, multi-sector, and systemic risk management"
2022/06/30Anaïs Couasnon"Addressing challenges in multi-hazard decision-making with modeling and risk-simulation games"
Greg Yetman"Hazard event interactions: Data for planning and select examples"
2022/06/06Beth Tellman"Understanding flood risk from space: Opportunities to adapt to changing risk and catalyze climate justice"
2022/04/05Maurizio Mazzoleni"Exploring the human influence on the impacts of consecutive drought and flood events: A modeling approach"
Antonia Sebastian"Attributing flood hazards to (anthropogenic) environmental change"
2021/12/09James Doss-Gollin"Extreme impacts don't require extreme weather: Lessons from the February 2021 Texas blackouts"
Davide Faranda"Cold and snowy spells over Europe in the context of anthropogenic climate change"
2021/10/20Suzana Camargo"Subseasonal tropical cyclone forecasts: Recent results and compound events"
Tom Matthews"Double trouble from the tropical cyclone - extreme heat compound hazard?"
2021/08/19Ankit Agrawal"Multi-scale approaches in forecasting extreme floods and their global connections"
Manuela Brunner"Spatially compounding floods in the US: where, why, and how often do they happen?"
2021/06/10Lee Chapman"Forget climate resilience, what about weather resilience?"
Alexander Fekete"The Risk KAN critical-infrastructure working group"
Mari Tye"Understanding infrastructure fragility to future weather and climate extremes"
2021/04/06Brian Golding"Complex warnings: Making warnings work for multi-hazards and diverse impacts"
Bruno Merz & Massimiliano Pittore"Multi-hazard impact forecasting, status and perspectives"
2021/02/25Jordan Christian"Flash drought climatology: A local to global analysis"
Deepti Singh"Influence of climate variability and change on spatially concurrent droughts"
2020/11/24Noah Diffenbaugh"Multidimensional risk in a nonstationary climate: changes in joint probability of extreme conditions in space and time"
Lauren Rickards"Unpacking the 'social dimensions' of compound and cascading climate change impacts"
2020/10/15Emanuele Bevacqua"More meteorological events that drive compound coastal flooding are projected under climate change at most locations worldwide"
Danielle Touma"Competing anthropogenic effects cause distinct regional impacts on extreme fire weather conditions"
2020/08/25Daniela Domeisen"Remote forcing of extreme events"
Vimal Mishra"Hot and dry extremes during the South Asian Summer Monsoon"
2020/07/29Julio Herrera Estrada"Spatially compounded droughts at continental scales"
Miguel Mahecha"Understanding the imprint of compound events on the terrestrial ecosystems"
2020/06/30Michela De Dominicis"Future interactions between sea-level rise, tides, and storm surges in the world's largest urban area"
Michael Puma"Assessing COVID-19 impacts on global food systems"
2020/06/04EGU Edition
2020/05/20Gabriele Messori"Dynamical coupling indicators for the study of compound extreme events"
Lisa Thalheimer"Compound risks from extreme weather and forced migration during COVID-19"
2020/04/16Dan Cooley"Compound events from a statistics perspective: Multivariate extremes"
Marleen de Ruiter"Consecutive disasters and the asynergies of disaster risk reduction measures"